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Addo Pitter Patter Pets Walk Along Unicorn

Minimum Age: 3 Years+

Product Number: AD315-11180-B

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The magical Pitter Patter Pets White Walk Along Unicorn can’t wait to play, cuddle and go on magical adventures with you.The Walk Along Unicorn has a beautiful purple mane, with sparkling strands, for you to stroke and groom.It also have a soft, snow white coat perfect for cuddling and a magical golden Unicorn horn on its forehead.You can imagine all sorts of exciting adventures with the Walk Along Unicorn as it trots around your room, nodding its head and swishes its tail.Press on the interactive Unicorn’s back for cantering, neighing and magical twinkling sound effects.Why don’t you use your pet’s packaging as part of your play?When your magical unicorn fan is finished playing, the Walk Along Unicorn stores neatly back in the packaging, which can double as a stable.

SKU: AD315-11180-B

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