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Introducing Elli… The doll that really smiles! Elli is a play partner like no other, she can build a real connect I on To her doll parents and can recognise her ‘mummy’ Or ‘Daddy’ When they wear their interactive necklace, reacting with an adorable smile when they are close by! when it’s time for bed Elli loves to be cuddled and soothed to sleep. Sing her a song or rock her gently from side-to-side and she closes her eyes. However, lift her up or make too much noise around her and Elli will wake up… but don’t worry, give her a little cuddle and Elli will soon be laughing and smiling again. Elli smiles wears an adorable pink wrap-dress decorated with her favourite motifs; moons, clouds and little hearts. She also wears a matching hat, blue leggings and pink fabric shoes with cute yellow pompoms. Elli smiles is a 43cm soft body doll with dress, leggings, hat and fabric shoes. She also comes with a potty, nappy, bottle, dummy and interactive necklace for children to wear

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