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Spidey Set Figure & Assorted Vehicle

Minimum Age: 3 Years+

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It’s Spidey Time!

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends follows the adventures of the Super Hero Spidey and all his heroic friends!

Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales all have super spider-powers spider-sense, super-strength, wall-crawling, and more!

Each brings something unique to their crime-fighting adventures, making them even stronger when they’re working together as the amazing spider team!

But even the best team sometimes needs a helping hand— that’s when it’s good to have allies like Ms Marvel, Black Panther, and even Hulk!

It’s hard being a Super Hero, but it helps when you have such Amazing Friends!

Stopping bad guys and crawling walls–Team Spidey does it all!

Kids will love playing with this fan-favourite character and vehicle inspired by the popular Marvel animated show on Disney Jr.

Each four-inch Spidey and His Amazing Friends features 5 points of articulation, includes a vehicle with wheels.

Put your hero in the vehicle and roll to the rescue.


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