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Blingle Bands Bestie Bling Friendship Bracelets

Minimum Age: 7 Years+

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Share the Sparkle with the Blingle Bands Bestie Bling Friendship Bracelets 2 Pack.

Make the most sparkly and fashionable Friendship Bracelets in three easy and fun steps Just DIP, DOT, BLING and follow the simple process using the items in your Blingle Bands Bestie 2 Pack.

Use the special tray to flip your Gems so they can easily be picked up after you DIP your Blingle Pen into the wax.

Then, DOT your Gem onto your Blingle Pen and BLING your Gem onto the Band.

There’s no glue and no mess, just press, stick and make it bling You can either follow the fashion template to create the coolest sparkling Friendship Bracelets around or let your creativity run wild and make your own unique designs.

SKU: TE25213

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